Bat Saha is unique in many ways...Some say the crosswinds pile up Soot and Alken Powder fragments into neat piles in some street corners...Or maybe it's a Sefra?
~ Villager

As an island in the middle of The Verve, Bat Saha is a city that serves as a major trade hub from The West to the rest of the Braided Shore. It's only accessible via Ferries or through the use of Kelim's Gate.


Circle.png North-East dock - Western Verve

Circle.png North-West dock - Harrow Ledge | 2 Endeavour Symbol Mechanical.png

Circle.png South-East dock - Myr

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Bat Saha has became a popular and important trading hub in for being a midway point for ferry transportation from the West to the Midlands. Due to its low surveillance from authorities, Bat Saha is also nicknamed as "The Free City of the Verve"[1]

However, ever since Kasa's close down, there has been an uprise of shady individuals like Gangs & Outcasts setting up & selling illegal goods on Bat Saha. Due to this, The Coroner has appointed Wardens, secret or not to be posted in Bat Saha, and more wardens are to be expected. This might soon be the last that Bat Saha would be called as such.

Other than that, there are more problems brewing in this city, from stranded travellers who are unable to go back to Kasa and the disruption in trade, leading to overworked Harbor Masters, underworked dockworkers and concerned vendors.

I spent most of my savings on some delightful jewelry...But I wish I could afford the gorgeous silks the Selkans who visit Bat Saha sometimes bring for trading.
~ Customer

Vellan Messages

Chapter Zero - The Journey Begins

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"Almost tamed barbed lizard missing...If you spot Bruno, back away slowly, avoiding eye contact... I will soon have Bruno re-kaged! - Zoma"

"The finest Kuro Orchard lumber for sale! Buyers in bulk please inquire at general store."

"Waggon wheel wanted! Come see me at the lighthouse if you have one for sale."

"Traded for gold! Any amount, no matter how small, of wind afflicted grains from Crossings wanted! Tie your monogram and await my contact."

"The Elden Tombs are currently closed to any non cult members - Bridge Builder cult"

"Any substantial news on the whereabouts of Zekir, Free Union leader eligible for a reward. Seek out Cyra. Bat Saha"

"Elden runes fragments sought. Speak to Union master Ardabaskala. Residing at the Teahouse most evenings."

"Shipping to Kasa wanted, double fee offered. Talk to any of the merchant representatives in the Teahouse."


Have you ever been out to the island in the Southwest? If you go on a windy day, be sure to shield your eyes...The winds and the soft rock kicks up a lot of Wind Dust...
~ Villager



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